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About us

We are group of Companies. Orindoglobal pvt ltd is one of them.Orindoglobal Nutracos pvt ltd formerly known as IWELL Nutracos pvt ltd. After successfully working in traditional business since last One Decade in Pharmaceutical productions and marketing ,now we are entering to Direct Selling industries as per the market demand. We are committed to explore our R&D and innovative health care products in whole India as well as in Global market . OrindoGlobal is committed to provide the best Organic Herbal Extracted and global standard “Wellness & Cellular Nutritional” products to supply adequate level of Minerals, Vitamins and Antioxidants in the most innovative and simplistic approach to Enhance and Empower the Immunity System to make you Stronger, Younger and Healthier.

ORINDO Means Organic India

To Achieve A Nutrient Product In India,A Perfect Amalgamation Of Five Elements Of Life for

Orindo Health Re-Defined

ORINDO has NATURAL INGREDIENTS for nourishment, energy and health FOUNDED AND RESEARCH by,
may protect the human body from oxidation stress and other health challenges

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing ORINDO has been created on AYURVEDA DOCTRINE.

ORINDO - A breakthrough product for the human body.

Principles of phyto-science, nano technology and modern analytical procedures Phytonutrients?
Phyto= Plant+ Nutrients= Phytonutrients
are natural compounds

The Nanotech Priciples Used : Nano means so small, example 30 million of the dust particle is to be multiplied 1000 times. The smallest is 1 nano particle or Nano molecule.

  1. Body’s internal antioxidant mechanism becomes weak with passing age and stress. Stimulating Substances, Unreasonable Sun Exposure, Environmental Pollution, Illnesses, Chronic Inflammations, Traumas, Operations, Dieting, Low- Quality Food.
  2. ORINDO acts as a potent antioxidant in such health challenges arising from oxidation related hazards in lifestyle and occupational linked situations.
  3. ORINDO is a potential formula of 198 Nutraceuticals, fruits, vegetables and nutrients to provide comprehensive nutrition and antioxidant support.
  4. ORINDO- Soothing Nutritional Support: when there is Busy Life, No Time To Cook, Lack Of Variety In Food, Lack Of Balance, Sensitivities, Unhealthy Digestion, Chronic Illness, Recovery From Illness, Old Age, Sickness, Alcoholism, And Pollution.
  5. FREE RADICAL ATTACKS: Everyone faces pollution and oxidation attacks which increases suffering of chronic patients and more chronic illnesses affect people.
  6. Free Radicals Affects All Body Systems- Digestion, Eyes (Irritation, Glaucoma), Skin (Eczema), Bones (Joints), Brain (Stroke), Sugar Balance (Diabetes), Heart And The Vascular System (High BP, Heart Attack) leading to chronic diseases.
  7. ORINDO- Most Powerful Opponent for “Damage By Free Radicals”.
  8. ORINDO: Contributes thousands of Phytonutrients from 198 Nutraceuticals: Berry fruits, Curcumin, Ginger, like rhizomes, fruits/vegetables and nutrients like Vitamins C, E, A, beta carotene, selenium, polyphenols - flavonoid, etc. and contains 18 types of amino acids.
  9. ORINDO Acts as a wall of antioxidants to ward off any potential danger faced from unstable reactive molecules form outside.
  10. ORINDO: An Excellent Rejuvenation For The Body.

ORINDO provides active support in day to day life and below given indications:

Vibrant good health Energy Tonic Enhanced mental focus Bone & joint health
BP support Eye health Cellular health Digestive system health
Free bowel movement Heart health Support Weight management Anti-Ageing benefits
Immune system health Healthy cholesterol Diabetes Support Proper Body pH levels
Sports & overexertion recovery Sense of well-being Diet nutrient-support Recovery from sickness
Child growth tonic Cancer recovery Memory support Viral fever recovery
Recovery from Stroke Fibroids recovery Body Detoxification Balance of hormones
Boosts sperm count Old age support Women Tonic

100% vegetarian product
WHO-GMP certified-consistent quality standards
OHSAS- 18001-2007 certified -International Standard of Health and Safety
HACCP certified - Preventing microbiological, physical and chemical contamination
ISO 22000-2005 certified - Food safety management systems
ISO-9001-2008 certified - Meeting and delivering customer satisfaction
ISO-9001-2015 certified - quality management system
HALAL certified-Permissible for consumption by Muslims
Kosher Certified-complies with Jewish Religious dietary law

Serving Size:
Adults-25 ml in the morning empty stomach and avoid taking anything for next 20 mins.
Children:10yr to 15 yr- 10-15 ml


To establish the company as a research based company for the wellbeing of society, using our core ethical values of Ayurveda and bio-science with latest cutting edge technology.
And to be the global leader in health care with our innovative R & D work on ancient Indian Vedas, Ayurveda and Organic Herbal Products through direct selling business module.


To develop and provide the best health care and life care products of high valued gloabal standard vedic researched, scientific evaluated with cutting edge technoscience by direct selling industries. As well as we are trying our best to create a rewarding opportunity and prosperous life for our independent business associates, sharesholders, employees and the users.